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Israeli worship leader Shilo Ben Hod



Once again

It is my desire that this album brings you closer to Yeshua. That you will realize that this world has nothing to offer you – in relation to what God already has given us.

Let go of your search for fame or gold. Fear no longer has any power over you, from the moment you can sing from your heart: It is enough to be Your son.

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Shilo is touring with SOLU Israel

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Shilo Ben Hod

Shilo Ben Hod is a native Jewish Israeli born in Jerusalem, and raised in a Messianic family.

From a young age, Shilo’s parents sent him to learn music, starting with the piano, and by the age of 15 he was already leading worship and writing songs of praise. Around that time Shilo started taking part in Succat Hallel – a 24\7 House Of Prayer in Jerusalem(where he serves until now), cultivating a heart of worship and intimacy to God. Shilo was called to the House Of Prayer movement and to be a worshipper and to help raise worshippers across Israel and the nations.

Shilo grew up in the Israeli culture, and later on at age 18 he was enlisted into the army, where he served for 3 years. During his service, at age 19 Shilo got married to his 18 years old wife, Sarah. After finishing his service, Shilo and Sarah started traveling the world ministering in worship and prayer and teaching about Israel.

Shilo is part of the Fellowship Of Artists – an Israeli worship label with a vision to support and produce worship music for Israelis and the whole world!

Shilo and his team lead worship regulary in national and international events, and teach about worship and prayer, in different places across Israel and the nations.


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